Xi yijia industrial assembly was invited to participate in 2019 China manufactur

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From September 1 to 5, 2019, the 18th China international equipment manufacturing expo sponsored by the ministry of commerce will be held in hall W1~W4 and E1~E4 of shenyang international exhibition center. Xi yijia industrial assembly was invited to attend the 18th China manufacturing expo in 2019.

Introduction of the 18th China manufacturing expo

The 18th China manufacturing expo will be held in shenyang international exhibition center on September 5, 2019. The exhibition area will exceed 110,000 square meters, and the shenyang international exhibition center will have all eight indoor exhibition halls and two outdoor exhibition halls. It is expected that more than 1,000 exhibitors, buyers and visitors at home and abroad will exceed 150,000 person-times.

The exhibits of the current China manufacturing fair are: High-grade CNC machine tools and other mechanical processing equipment, industrial automation, automotive manufacturing technology and equipment, general and special equipment, engineering machinery, industrial robots, 3D printing equipment, IC equipment, new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, rail transit and other high-end intelligent equipment, as well as civil-military integration innovation achievements display.

China manufacturing fair has developed into an internationally renowned exhibition of international equipment manufacturing industry integrating product display, information exchange, trade order, investment negotiation and technical cooperation, which is full of business opportunities. A grand gathering for the global equipment manufacturing industry.

Introduction of liaoning xiyijia industrial assembly technology co., LTD

Xi yijia industrial assembly was invited to participate in 2019 China manufacturing expo

Exhibition time: September 1st - September 5th

Venue: C74, hall W1, shenyang international exhibition center (no.9, huhui road, sujiatun district)


Liaoning xiyijia industrial assembly technology co., ltd. is committed to providing high quality and professional modular assembly system and modular delivery system and other products to the factory automation and industrial fields by combining the international cutting-edge design concept with the local processing advantages in China.

The main products are industrial frame aluminum profile and accessories, stair walk table and handrail, mechanical protection fence, tray transmission and delivery line, the products can be applied to various task requirements, such as assembly line, work table, conveyor, mechanical guardrail, machine frame, exhibition facilities. The innovative Xieasy® industrial aluminum profile assembly system with proprietary intellectual property rights is designed to provide high-quality industrial aluminum profile integration service solutions for automation worldwide.

Because of focus, so professional; Because professional, so excellent; Because of excellence, so trust.

We sincerely invite you to CIEME China fair xi yi jia industrial assembly booth w1-c74, tel: 0417-3686668.

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